The Levingston Method….
Healing People with Holistic Healthcare and Technology
Spend less time in the doctor’s office…
and more time enjoying life
Effective treatments with faster healing…
for pain and chronic conditions

What is The Levingston Method?


What makes the Levingston Method™ special?

The Levingston Method™ is premised on evidence-based studies and research combining today’s newest and most effective technologies with Holistic Medicine modalities that have been used for centuries. The final outcome is nothing short of amazing.

Why does the Levingston Method™ work faster?

The Levingston Method™ combines the best healing techniques and technologies available. This unique combination of treatments joined together addresses the body’s specific needs in a manner that treats the whole patient as opposed to simply the symptoms, facilitating faster healing in the body.

Why is the
Levingston Method™ for me?

Many people have tried numerous treatment methods in their quest for wellness. The Levingston Method™ allows Dr. Levingston to select the best treatment combination and tailor a treatment plan specific to each individual person’s needs and condition.